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New Zloader attacks disable Windows Defender to evade detection

By Sergiu Gatlan An ongoing Zloader campaign uses a new infection chain to disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus (formerly Windows Defender) on victims’ computers to evade detection. According to Microsoft’s stats, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is the anti-malware solution pre-installed on more than 1 billion systems running Windows 10. The attackers have also changed the malware delivery vector from spam or phishing […]

VPN users unmasked by zero-day vulnerability in Virgin Media routers

Disclosure comes two years after privacy-busting flaw was discovered A zero-day vulnerability in Virgin Media Super Hub 3 routers enables attackers to unmask the true IP addresses of ( users, security researchers have revealed. Fidus Information Security, a UK ( consultancy, has published details of the flaw nearly two years after first alerting Virgin Media, […]

Apple iPhone iOS 14.8 patches security exploit used by Pegasus spyware

Apple has released security updates for its devices after researchers identified a so-called “zero-click” exploit affecting its iMessage messaging service. The previously-unidentified vulnerability affects all of Apple’s current devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Mac computers, the researchers said, adding that Apple users should “immediately” update their devices. The exploit, named “FORCEDENTRY” by the University […]

New malware can infect Windows and Linux devices; 70 different VirusTotal antvirus can’t detect it

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a companion feature released by Microsoft in 2016 to run a Linux image in a near-native environment on Windows, allowing administrators to use Linux command-line tools without using a virtual machine. This was a novel implementation, although immediately doubts about security in this development began to arise. While […]

Millions of home Wi-Fi routers under attack by botnet malware — what you need to know

Nearly 40 different models sold by 20 different brands Millions of home Wi-Fi routers are under attack by botnet malware, just a week after a researcher put up a blog post showing how to exploit a vulnerability in the routers’ firmware. The researcher, Evan Grant, isn’t entirely at fault for this. He’s the one who found […]