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The rise of ‘triple extortion’ in ransomware pandemic

Ransomware is the most prominent threat in the cyber space today. Cyber insurer ( Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) recently went so far as to call ransomware a “pandemic” – one that is spreading rapidly around the world. This variation of malware allows hackers to lock businesses or individuals out of their systems and encrypt […]

The next big cyberthreat isn’t ransomware. It’s killware. And it’s just as bad as it sounds.

by Josh Meyer As most Americans are still learning about the hacking-for-cash crime of ransomware, the nation’s top homeland security official is worried about an even more dire digital danger: killware, or cyberattacks that can literally end lives. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in April galvanized the public’s attention because of its consumer-related complications, including long lines […]

Iranian Hackers Abuse Dropbox in Cyberattacks Against Aerospace and Telecom Firms

Details have emerged about a new cyber espionage campaign directed against the aerospace and telecommunications industries, primarily in the Middle East, with the goal of stealing sensitive information about critical assets, organizations’ infrastructure, and technology while remaining in the dark and successfully evading security solutions. Boston-based cybersecurity company Cybereason dubbed the attacks “Operation Ghostshell,” pointing […]

Fortinet, Shopify and more report issues after root CA certificate from Lets Encrypt expires

By Jonathan Greig A number of websites and services reported issues on Thursday thanks to the expiration of a root certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt, one of the largest providers of HTTPS certificates.  At around 10 am ET, IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 expired according to Scott Helme, founder of Security Headers. He has been tracking […]

Threat Actors Weaponize Telegram Bots to Compromise PayPal Accounts

A campaign is stealing one-time password tokens to gain access to PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others. Cybercriminals are using Telegram bots to steal one-time password tokens (OTPs) and defraud people through banks and online payment systems, including PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay, new research has found. Researchers from Intel 471 discovered […]