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Travel Smart: Protecting Your Family’s Smartphones While on Vacation

Families are hitting the road again. And it’s absolutely no surprise that they’re taking their smartphones with them. Perhaps what is surprising is that so many of them may be hitting the road without any digital or mobile protection.  Our recent research shows that 68% of people in the U.S. said that they’re planning to travel for leisure this year, slightly higher than the international average of 64%.1 However, our research also discovered […]

Cybersecurity, Ransomware Climb Policy Ladder at NATO, G-7 Meetings

Cybersecurity in general, and ransomware in specific, climbed high onto the ladder of major policy issues at both the weekend meeting of G-7 nations this weekend, and the NATO Summit that concluded on June 14. The increasing importance of cybersecurity on the national stage tracks with U.S. policy in recent months, including Federal government responses […]

US CISA and FBI publish joint alert on DarkSide ransomware

FBI and DHS’s CISA have published a joint alert on DarkSide ransomware activity after the disruptive attack on Colonial Pipeline. FBI and DHS’s CISA have published a joint alert to warn of ransomware attacks conducted by the DarkSide group. The alert comes after the disruptive attack that hit Colonial Pipeline that caused chaos and disruption. […]

Locked Shields 2021 largest cyber defense exercise worldwide

This year’s high-level cyber security Exercise Locked Shields is the largest of its kind, organizers, the Tallinn-based NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE), have announced. Under a new format for 2021, this year’s event will be the largest global live-fire cyber defense exercise worldwide, the CCDCOE says, and will aim to highlight the […]

Microsoft Releases Queries for SolarWinds Attack Detection

Microsoft is making available the CodeQL queries it used to detect malicious implants in the massive supply chain attack that affected SolarWinds, tech firms and government agencies. The CodeQL queries, written in C# language, are now available in the GitHub repository. They help in ruling out the presence of the code-level indicators of compromise. “There […]