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Phishing Campaign Targeted Universities Worldwide

A hacking group targeted 20 universities and schools around the world earlier this year with a series of phishing attacks designed to steal credentials, according to researchers with RiskIQ. The group, which the RiskIQ researchers call “Shadow Academy,” targeted 14 universities and schools within the U.S. between July and October, when fall semester classes were […]

Iranian Hackers Access Unprotected ICS at Israeli Water Facility

A group of Iranian hackers recently posted a video showing how they managed to access an industrial control system (ICS) at a water facility in Israel. According to industrial cybersecurity firm OTORIO, the hackers accessed a human-machine interface (HMI) system that was directly connected to the internet without any authentication or other type of protection. […]

OneClass unsecured S3 bucket exposes PII on more than one million students, instructors

from An unsecured database belonging remote learning platform OneClass has exposed information associated with more than a million students in North America who use the platform to access study guides and educational assistance. “By not securing its users’ data, OneClass has created a goldmine for criminal hackers, jeopardizing the privacy and security of over […]

Most malware in Q1 2020 was delivered via encrypted HTTPS connections

from 67% of all malware in Q1 2020 was delivered via encrypted HTTPS connections and 72% of encrypted malware was classified as zero day, so would have evaded signature-based antivirus protection, according to WatchGuard. These findings show that without HTTPS inspection of encrypted traffic and advanced behavior-based threat detection and response, organizations are missing […]

33% Surge in Financial Fraud Attempts During #COVID19 Lockdown

from Financial fraud attempts rose by 33% in April as the UK entered lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new analysis from Experian and the National Hunter Fraud Prevention Service has revealed. Fraudsters targeted a myriad of financial products, including current and savings accounts, as they sought to take advantage of the disruption to […]